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Knitter’s Relief Balm with CBD


Knitters Relief CBD Balm is all natural and chemical-free. Handcrafted with CBD, arnica, magnesium, and a blend of healing essential oils. These powerful ingredients in our blend work synergistically creating a healing balm that has an immediate effect for reducing pain from knitters elbow,  inflammation, stimulating circulation and relieving pain from hard working hands.

Our triple-acting, anti-inflammatory balm works fast so you can get on with your project without missing a beat!

Easy to apply with a no-mess twist up tube so you can apply right on the spot that’s hurting – anytime, anywhere. It’s a pain eraser!

Ingredients: Wild crafted arnica infused extra virgin olive oil, 200mg pure CBD (THC free) infused in organic MTC oil (from coconut), sweet almond oil, organic beeswax, magnesium oil, arrowroot, peppermint, camphor, cajeput, ginger, cinnamon leaf and rosemary essential oils.


  1. T.T.

    The balm arrived on Saturday, and I’m very impressed! I have plenty of aches and pains including mild tendonitis in both thumbs. I’ve been using the balm without cbd oil and I’m very pleased. I’ve always been only able to crochet for a short time before having to switch to knitting. But, yesterday I crocheted nearly the entire day and evening with NO PAIN!!!!! It’s back today, but I’ve been on the computer and didn’t apply any of the balm yet. I have very high hopes for it!

    I have been dealing with nerve damage in my right foot for the past year. Not so much pain, just general discomfort, especially when anything touches it. Well, about 4 days into using the balm on it (without CBD) the sensation is nearly gone! There is absolutely no pain and the feeling like my foot was asleep is nearly gone, too. I haven’t even used any balm on it for the past 2 days either. I’m beginning to believe this stuff is magic!

    But there’s more! My husband is using it and it seems pretty miraculous! He’s had a recurring burning pain inside his skull which the doctors won’t take seriously. He used the balm across his forehead and over his temples. The pain was gone within a minute and has not returned! He’s convinced that whatever is doing the healing is traveling throughout his body to heal other areas, too. Quite amazing!

  2. Jeanine T.

    This product helps alleviate my pain level of about 5-6 to 0 without pain meds for about 3-4 hours. I am a fan. It helps me to keep on my wellness path and exercise. Everyone I share it with is amazed.

  3. Laura D

    My son used this on me first time I have slept in months actually years. Seven cervicals, broken sacrial, bulging other disc’s. Wow aging
    Thank you

  4. Jon

    I have had back pain for a long time that was a result of a sports injury. I feel back pain pretty much every day but since I started using this Balm and getting a back massage with it, my pain levels are down. It works quick. It releases pain, it’s topical and it’s natural. I love it.

  5. Carla

    I recently hAd surgery on my ankle due to a broken ankle. nothing has helped with the pain unTil Now. I highly recommend the ccb balm, it has taken my pain away EnAbling my foot to heal!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  6. Betty Scheingold

    Your remedy is amazing. I feel like a new person and my sister and I are finally sleeping without pain. You saved us and we don’t know how to thank you . I am a case manager for end stage renal disease patients and they deal with pain all through their daily lives.

  7. Chrstina J.

    Thank you so much for your amazing product, I’ve never had anything work so well on my pain, you are a Godsend to my knees!! You are an Angel Healer!!

  8. Pritcp

    5.0 out of 5 stars – Really helps “experienced” joints.

    This has become my nightly ritual. I have arthritis in my joints so the knees, neck and hands get a treatment at bedtime and I drift right off, pain free

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