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Discover How People Are Knitting Comfortably

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Are you tired of having to stop crafting due to pain or discomfort? 

 Do you ever experience any of these symptoms?




Shoulder Pain




Carpal Tunnel


Hand Pain


Wrist Pain


Neck Pain





Hand Pain
Knitters Relief Hand Pain

Knuckle & Finger Pain
Knitters Relief Finger Pain

Wrist Pain
Knitters Relief Wrist Pain

Shoulder Pain
Knitters Relief Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain
Knitters Relief Neck Pain

Elbow Pain
Knitters Relief Elbow Pain

With Knitter's Relief Balm You Can Get Back to Doing What You Love!

Our triple-acting, anti-inflammatory balm works fast so you can start knitting comfortably in minutes and get back to your project without missing a beat!

 Easy to apply with a no-mess twist up tube so you can apply right on the spot that’s hurting – anytime, anywhere. It’s a pain eraser!

 Knitter's Relief Balm is all natural and chemical-free. Handcrafted with arnica, magnesium, CBD (and without), and a blend of healing essential oils. These powerful ingredients in our blend work synergistically creating a healing balm that has an immediate effect for reducing inflammation, stimulating circulation and relieving pain from hard working hands.
Fast Acting
Smells Great
All Natural

Why Knitter's Relief Balm Works so Well For Common Pain

Arnica is known to stimulate white blood cells which helps to accelerate healing, while magnesium relaxes and soothes the nerves and muscles, and the Essential Oils stimulate circulation, relaxing and soothing tired hands, fingers, wrists, joints, arms, shoulders, neck, back and more.

  • Arnica

    Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Arnica effectively reduces swelling and eases pain.

  • Magnesium

    Essential for muscle health, Magnesium relaxes tight fibers and alleviates cramping.

  • 8 Essencial Oils

    A carefully selected blend that promotes relaxation and enhances the soothing sensation.

  • CBD Optional

    Offers targeted relief by interacting with skin receptors to reduce inflammation and pain.

  • All Natural

    Crafted from entirely natural ingredients for safe, chemical-free relief.

  • Fast Acting

    Delivers rapid relief to keep your crafting sessions comfortable and continuous.

It's Simple!


Knitter's Relief Balm - Knitting Comfortably
Just rub Knitter's Relief Balm into the skin. It doesn't take much and it won't interfere with ingestible medications.


Knitter's Relief Balm - Knitting Comfortably
Once Knitter's Relief Balm is applied you will have hours knitting comfortably, pain free and doing what you love.


Knitter's Relief Balm - Knitting Comfortably
One of the great things about Knitter's Relief Balm is that you can use it as often as you want with no side effects.

Comes in Two Varieties

All natural ingredients the way Mother Nature intended

Knitter's Relief Balm 1oz and 2oz tubes

Knitter's Relief Balm

$20.00 - $35.00

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Knitter’s Relief Balm CBD - 1oz and 2oz tubes

Knitter's Relief Balm with CBD

$35.00 - $59.00

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Crafters that try it
Love it!


Owner of
The balm arrived on Saturday, and I'm very impressed! I have plenty of aches and pains including mild tendonitis in both thumbs. I've been using the balm without cbd oil and I'm very pleased. I've always been only able to crochet for a short time before having to switch to knitting. But, yesterday I crocheted nearly the entire day and evening with NO PAIN!!!!! It's back today, but I've been on the computer and didn't apply any of the balm yet. I have very high hopes for it!

Jeanine T.

This product helps alleviate my pain level of about 5-6 to 0 without pain meds for about 3-4 hours. I am a fan. It helps me to keep on my wellness path and exercise. Everyone I share it with is amazed.

Lily S.

I LOVE this product! It’s the one and only product I use to manage my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, approved by my doctors as an alternative to taking medication due to a liver condition. I was fortunate enough to have discovered it as I suffer from debilitating migraines. I quickly realized it worked on all pain within 15 minutes and lasts for 4 hours per application. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for all pain and don’t leave home without!

Mrs. Martinez

5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING!!! I was in a car accident and my husband rubs this on my back after I get out of the shower and before I go to bed. It eliminates the need for me to use any medication to help me sleep pain free through the night. It also reduced the swelling and itching of pesky bug bites. I looooooove this stuff!!

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Meet The Founder

Hi, I'm Kim Keeshin, the creator of these all-natural pain relief balms. Because I'm a knitter and a naturalist, I wanted to provide relief for those, like me, in the crafting community - who don't want to stop working but don't want to be in pain. These really work! I hope that you will find the calming relief that so many others have.
Knitter's relief balm

Give you hard working hands some love!

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